Online Shopping Failure: The Rice Cooker Saga

Posted by Brock | March 30, 2015.


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Hopping online to price compare a product between retailers has become our default mode of operation before buying a new product. Not only does it help us get the very best price, but it also saves us time. Sometimes our investigation leads us down the path of ordering it online and having it delivered to our doorstep. Other times the best price is through a nearby retailer that we are able to verify not only the price, but also whether they have it in stock at our location.

Unfortunately, this process doesn’t always work.

A few months ago my wife and I were having dinner at our neighbor’s home, and one of the items they made was a coconut lime cilantro rice. It was so delicious we wanted to try to make it ourselves. Fast forward to last weekend, we were making shrimp for dinner and decided the rice would be a perfect side dish. To make the dish, we needed to purchase a rice cooker.

I jumped online and started searching for the best deal, as well as who had one in stock.

Our neighbors purchased theirs at Costco, so naturally we checked there first. Unfortunately my search at Costco’s website turned up empty. Continuing to poke around, I found the same model our neighbors purchased at Target for $39.99, and it was in stock.

Do Restaurants Really Need a POS System?

Posted by James | March 30, 2015.

A point of sale system is an investment that can save you time, money and a host of other problems if you were still kicking it old school with an old cash register. Any restaurant or business establishment can benefit from all the positives a good POS system brings, like increased sales, improved efficiency and faster checkout times. If you’re in the restaurant business, here are a few reasons you should consider ditching the old cash register and investing in a POS system.

  • Get help with your inventory. One of the best functions of a POS system is inventory management. You don’t need to manually add everything in a spreadsheet anymore or use a log book. With a solid POS for restaurants, you can upload your existing CSV inventory file and just do some editing if you need to. You’ll never run out of ingredients again! A good POS system will warn you when you’re about to run out and even print out order request forms for purchasing.
  • Faster Communication between your front liners and your kitchen. Front liners can be equipped with touch screen devices (Android, iPad, iPod Touch) that can dramatically speed up ordering times. Once a customer places an order, the wait staff sends it over electronically to the kitchen before heading off to attend to another customer. Quick and easy. 

Modern IT Careers: Is Certification Really Necessary?

Posted by James | March 30, 2015.

When you go into information technology, one of the first things you’ll be told is to get your certifications. It’s almost as if certs replace a formal college degree. Here are a few reasons why they’re so important and why employers value them so much.

Employers Love The Practicality Of Certifications

A certification is an implicit guarantee that you have practical knowledge about a particular thing. Whether it’s a new programming language, how to handle security and networking, or how to build and design webpages or code in some obscure environment, a certification shows that you actually know how to do whatever it is you’re certified in.

These quality management training courses, for example, can prepare you for things like applying Lean concepts like 5S, process mapping, and waste reduction. You can also prove to an employer that you understand value stream mapping and that you can resist errors through mistake proofing.

Employers pay a premium for these types of certifications because, ultimately, it’s money in their bank account that gets siphoned off for unproductive and inefficient processes – processes you know how to fix.

Certs Earn You Raises

The Department of Labor reports that the median annual earnings for an individual without a high school diploma is a paltry $24,544. However, a degree bumps that pay up to $89,128. Certifications often carry the force of a college degree. But, there’s an important difference. Where a degree can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, a Microsoft certification exam costs just $150, employers view Microsoft Cert specialists as more competent and productive and, as a result, they earn higher wages.

How to Protect Your Identity When Applying for Car Title Loans Online

Posted by James | March 30, 2015.

Identity theft happens when someone uses your personal information in order to engage in financial transactions. This is usually done online. Virtual transactions are increasingly common and this means that obtaining credit, including car title loans online, is a lot more risky.

When you apply for car title loans online, you will notice just how easy it is to put in an application and how quickly you will get your money. All you need to do is enter your personal details and those of your vehicle, and you will receive your money in around 24 hours. Lenders generally do not look at your credit rating.

The majority of title lenders now allow you to apply online and do not need to see you in person at all anymore. You simply complete a range of important personal information, which includes your social security number, address and date of birth, bank account number and more. These are all the details needed for identity theft as well. This does not mean that you have to stop using the internet and conducting any transactions. Rather, it is about learning how to protect yourself.

How to Keep Your Personal Information Secure

If you do want to apply for title loan online, you first have to make sure that the website is fully secure. They will have security and privacy policies in place so that you can see how your information is protected from identity theft. Lenders want to make sure you have no issues with your application, and they want to make things as easy as possible for you, so they should offer excellent security as well to attract customers.

Clever Posts Of The Week – March 27th

Posted by Brock | March 27, 2015.

Today marks the end of my jury duty service time, and I didn’t have to report once.  I missed out on the opportunity to earn a whopping $10 a day.  Jury duty isn’t meant to be a financial boon, but it would have been interesting to be a part of a jury trial just to see what it’s like – since I have no plans to experience one as a defendant.  LOL.

Enjoy my favorite posts of the week!

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Stress Less About Your Income with These Tips

Posted by James | March 26, 2015.

5af814e516324d1393bafb1f0d719a10Money worries are often cited as one of the biggest contributors to stress. Between monthly bills, credit card repayments, and rent/mortgage payments, there is little doubt that constantly worrying about how you are going to make ends meet is taking up a lot of your mental energy.

But what if there were ways that you could be in control of your earnings, have more money left over each month, and even increase the amount of cold hard cash you are bringing in? People have far more control of their finances than they often realise. Therefore, to help stop the stress and alleviate the anxiety, below are some ways you can whisk away the financial woes, one worry at a time.

Be Mindful of Money

When you rationalise every purchase and pay attention to where you money is being spent, there’s far less chance of buying something on impulse or purchasing something that you don’t really need. People like to buy things because it makes them feel good, but it’s often a habit that is harming their financial situation. Re-evaluating every purchase and paying attention to your spending habits will help you be more mindful of your spending and give you a greater sense of financial control.