Clever Posts Of The Week – December 19th

Posted by Brock | December 19, 2014.

Two things this Friday before we get to my favorite posts of the week, Clever Friends.

First, I’m honored to have had a guest post over at Prairie Eco Thrifter this week entitled How Do You Handle Increasing Expenses?  Check it out and let me know what you think.

Second, as promised, is my online shopping update.  So far, ZERO gifts have been purchased at a brick and mortar store:

As of last week I had purchased these items online:

  • Pendant and Necklace with Swarovski crystal Elements for my wife through something called SweetJack – which is kind of a groupon, deal site.
  • SnuggBuds earbuds for my son
  • Computer Desk from Ikea

This week, I added the following:

  • Two pairs of jeans and a zip up sweatshirt from Aeropostale for my son
  • Blue tooth speaker for my son
  • Tshirt from RoosterTeeth for my son

Unfortunately, I now have to fail at my challenge.  I have two presents for my wife that will be more convenient (and cheaper due to the need for expedited shipping at this point) to go into a store.  There’s some perfume and a Fitbit that she’s mentioned lately that I need to pick up.  But I have a plan to go into Best Buy for the Fitbit, and JC Penny’s for the perfume.  I know where the items are in the store, and I’ll be going early tomorrow morning when traffic is still light.  Get in, get out as quickly and painlessly as possible.  :)

3 Steps To Get Through Christmas Shopping Crunch Time

Posted by Brock | December 17, 2014.


Image courtesy of photostock at

With about a week left before Christmas,we have officially entered crunch time for those of us that have not finished our shopping. It’s not so much that I haven’t executed my gift buying plan for my immediate family to perfection, because I have. I am literally just waiting for all the packages to show up on my front doorstep.

However, this is the time when I realize everything I had forgotten. We’re getting together with my parents, brother and his family on Christmas Day which means a gift exchange. What about teachers, bus drivers, mail carriers, and exactly what are the plans to get together with my wife’s family again? It’s that time when you’re tempted to close your eyes, throw your budget to the wind and just plow through the next few weeks and worry about damage control when the calendar flips to January.

My advice is simple: Don’t do it.

Take a deep breath, slow your roll, and don’t panic. Follow these three easy steps, and you’ll be in great shape.

  1. Make a List: Before I started my Christmas shopping I had made a list of people and gifts. Ok, so I’ve discovered that it was incomplete. It’s time to sit down and make a new plan for what is left including who you have to buy for yet, what you’re buying, and how much it’s going to cost.

How I’m Using Jeans To Teach My Son About Finances

Posted by Brock | December 15, 2014.


Image courtesy of John Kasawa at

My son is extremely picky about his jeans. I dread going shopping for new jeans with him, because he will pick out, try on, and approve jeans, but then decide somewhere down the road that he no longer likes them. One year I simply gave up and he wore shorts and warm up pants through the entirety of a Midwest Winter.

This year, I thought we finally had found the solution. While shopping in August, we had a very frank discussion regarding brand names, and what jeans he preferred. As an adult that cares nothing about brand names I find it a waste of money. But I do remember the pressures and difficulty of fitting in as a high school student, so I figured I’d cut him some slack.

We purchased five pairs of jeans from Aeropostale, two different styles. He had seen both styles in the store, but they didn’t have his size so we ordered them online. When they arrived, I had them try them on. I purposefully made a huge deal about it.

“Do they all fit?” I asked.

“Yes,” he responded.

“Do you like every pair?” I asked.

“Yes,” he responded.

“They are all approved?” I asked.

“Yes,” he responded.

“You’ll wear all of them?” I asked.

“YES!” he responded, rolling his eyes.

How to Find Overstock Promo Codes and Save at

Posted by James | December 15, 2014.

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Using Overstock Coupons

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  1. Check the available coupons by either entering “Overstock” in the search bar of or by clicking on the Overstock coupon page.
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  3. At the time of “Checkout” during your purchase on, enter the coupon code in the “Promotion Code Box” of the Billing Section.
  4. The discount amount will automatically get deducted from your final bill amount and be displayed on the screen.


Clever Posts Of The Week – December 12th

Posted by Brock | December 12, 2014.

Happy Fa, La, La, La, Friday my Clever Friends. I’m fully in the Christmas spirit and have been taking some nice bites out of my shopping.  All online of course as per my shopping challenge.  Here are the things that I purchased this week (shhhhh, nobody tell my family this is online!):

  • Pendant and Necklace with Swarovski crystal Elements for my wife through something called SweetJack – which kind of a groupon, deal site.
  • SnuggBuds earbuds for my son
  • Computer Desk from Ikea

I’ve got more ideas and more ordering to do this weekend! I have yet to step into a brick and mortar store for my shopping.  Maybe that’s why I’m in such a great mood?

Speaking of greatness, here are my favorite posts of the week.  Maybe they will get you in a money saving mood for your gift shopping. May the odds be forever in your favor!

  1. At What Age Should You Think about Retirement Planning? from Money Rebound
  2. 7 Great Gifts For Frugal Weirdos from FrugalWoods
  3. Why Use Cash? from Prairie Eco Thrifter
  4. Tips To Avoid Debt When Holiday Shopping from Money Smart Guides
  5. If You Lost Your Job Tomorrow, Would You Survive Financially? from Modest Money



The Pros and Cons of Careers that Really Matter

Posted by Clever Dude | December 11, 2014.

doctor-handThere are two types of jobs: the ones that matter, and the ones that don’t.

The jobs that don’t matter tend to be easy to get and easy to keep. They require no particular area of expertise. The performance of such jobs has no great impact on the world at large, and no lasting effects on people whether or not the job is done well or poorly. You can do the job or not do the job. In short, the job simply doesn’t matter.

That can be a very good type of job for the majority of people. They can be gainfully employed for eight hours a day, draw a living wage, and not worry about who’s life they ruined by what they did or didn’t do that day. Come to think of it, that sound pretty good. Sign me up.

Conversely, there are the jobs that matter. If you choose that kind of career path, here is just a little of what you have to look forward to:

  • Years of Prep
  • Long Hours
  • Work/Family Balance Issues
  • Sleepless Nights Mulling the Life and Death Decisions You had to Make

You can see how this list plays out by taking a brief look at a few of the jobs that really matter to society. Here are some examples: