Can Kcups Be Used More Than Once?

Posted by Brock | October 20, 2014.


My wife is a coffee drinker, however I am not. It’s a strange phenomenon as I love the smell of freshly brewed coffee, but I cannot stand the taste. Even more strange is the fact that coffee tastes almost exactly how it smells. Despite my lack of love for coffee, I commonly make my wife a cup using her beloved Keurig single cup coffee maker before she comes downstairs in the morning. I know that she prefers her coffee with one cream and one packet of sugar.

Through the years of this routine I’ve asked myself countless times why we use the Kcups that hold the coffee grounds only once.   A package of Kcups will cost between $7 and $13 depending upon brand and flavor, so while it’s not a budget breaker, the morning coffee does account for a sizable portion of our weekly grocery budget.

So I decided to do a blind experiment.

I had previously performed a store brand vs brand name blind taste test (in which my wife couldn’t tell the difference), but this time I wanted to have her try a cup made with a brand new Kcup vs a cup of brew made using a second hand Kcup.

Clever Posts Of The Week – October 17th

Posted by Brock | October 17, 2014.

Happy Friday, Clever Friends!  This weekend we’re having a contractor come and give us ideas for remodeling our basement.  It had once been solely purposed as a toy room for our son, but he has outgrown the need for a toy room with matchbox cars and construction toys.  He and his friends still play video games down there, but we think it’s time to upgrade.   It’s likely going to cause some damage to our finances, so there’s some heavy thinking to be done before we press the GO button that.

Maybe I need to re-read some of my favorite finance articles of the week to get into the right frame of mind.  :)

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Gumshoe Guidance: Uncover the Facts Using a Private Investigator

Posted by Clever Dude | October 15, 2014.

Knowledge is power and sometimes you need to uncover the truth or some evidence that will help you resolve a personal or business issue. A private investigator can often obtain vital or incriminating information or evidence that you may not always want to know, but need to if you are going to resolve a specific problem that you have.

If you are considering using a private investigator, make sure you use a reputable investigator services such as Pace Henley or Detective Services. There are a number of things that you need to take into consideration and also a number of checks that you should make regarding their credentials and ability to do a professional job.

When a PI can help

Some people seem to find an opportunity to hire a PI arises quite frequently and others agonise for weeks or months before picking up the phone and deciding to ask for their assistance.

There are many scenarios where you could probably use the services of a private investigator in order to discreetly and efficiently obtain the evidence or confirmation that you are seeking, often without the person involved being aware that they are being watched or investigated.

You need a PI to obtain the current whereabouts of an individual or maybe actually verify their identity and confirm that they are who they say they are. You might want to investigate the background or verify the credentials or credibility of someone who you are considering employing or going into business with.

Death in the 21st Century: The Will Goes Digital

Posted by Clever Dude | October 15, 2014.

In today’s digital world, you can communicate and shop with people and stores all over the world…in a matter of seconds.  However, digital applications and devices are affecting those living as well as those still living after a loved one’s death.

In Australia, a man made his final farewell, constructing documents on his iPhone.  The logistics of the matter inspired a number of questions regarding the legality of such a nonstandard document.



A Supreme Court of Queensland ruled the will was valid and subject to proper proceedings upheld by law.  The decision found that electronically created (and stored) documents satisfy all three elements regarding non-traditional documents.


–         A document may include any disc, tape, or other piece of content, which can be used to orchestrate a written reproduction, with or without the help of another device or article.

–         The document must educate readers about the last will and testament of the deceased.

–         The living must prove that the deceased intended the electronic content to be their actual will and last wishes.



The court decided that the man, who orchestrated his last will and testament on his iPhone, satisfied the requirements of a legal and active will.  Importantly, the document states, verbatim, “This is the last Will and Testament of…”

Signing his name (in type) and reiterating his identify and address at the bottom made officials agree that the man intended his posthumous work to be ‘operative,’ and was orchestrated after his final notes and contemplation of his imminent death.

Claim Back Your PPI Premiums

Posted by Clever Dude | October 15, 2014.

Over the years, banks, credit card companies, and other lenders have made millions by selling their customers payment protection insurance (PPI) as a hedge against default. While some customers could truly use the service, millions were missold the insurance for various reasons, including being unemployed, self-employed, retired or having a medical problem that stopped you from working for a time. The individuals that were missold the insurance now have a way to recoup the amount that they paid in premium costs for the insurance.

Here are some steps you can take to claim back your PPI premiums.

File Your Claim

In order to claim back PPI, you must file a claim with the provider that charged you the PPI premium. In some cases, the account holder will get a document from the account provider notifying them that they potentially were missold PPI. In other cases, the account holder will need to initiate contact after verifying that they had paid PPI premiums in the past. The submission guidelines will vary by provider, so contact the provider to begin your claim as soon as you are sure that you paid for PPI in the past.

If you have documentation from the affected account showing where you paid PPI premiums, include copies of the documents with your claim to strengthen your position. Documents that show how much you paid over time would be the most effective, but any documents showing charges for PPI should be adequate. If you are missing documentation for the account, you may be able to acquire it from the account provider, as they are required to maintain their records for a period of at least 6 years.

Get yourself free

Posted by Clever Dude | October 15, 2014.

Do you love your job? Do you look forward to getting back to work after the holidays or after the weekend because you really enjoy what you do? If you’ve answered a resounding “yes” to both these questions, then well done and please read no further as long as your job is secure anyway.

If, on the other hand, you’re the type of person that gets that “Sunday night blues” feeling – then maybe it’s time to take action to get yourself free?

Any kind of break from your normal routine is a good opportunity to take stock. You see many people these days living very high on the hog indeed. But where is the money really coming from? Are these people wealthy? Well, maybe. But there’s a huge difference between high earnings and true wealth.

People with large earnings often spend a lot and give the impression of wealth, but the reality is that they’re tied to their jobs. Great if they enjoy their work, but a fairly hollow existence if not. And how do many people try to fill the void? Why by treating themselves to more stuff of course – thereby creating a vicious circle.

If you recognise yourself in this picture, it’s time to break the cycle. Real wealth and, therefore, freedom from the obligation to work doing something you don’t enjoy, comes from assets and from capital which generates income. A good income can create the appearance of wealth, but if you aren’t happy with your lot, it makes far more sense to use it to create real wealth and ultimate freedom – by spending less than you earn.