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Tip’d 2.0 Launching

Some of you were around when I announced the Beta release last October. I’m actually one of their partner sites.

Tip’d is a Digg-like social bookmarking site, specifically for finance-related articles. In November, they went off Beta-mode with version 1.0. Well, today I’m announcing Tip’d v2.0! Read below for their press release and new functionality:

Tip’d Turns 2.0!

Tip’d Growth Statistics

As the economy worsens and a larger percentage of people turn to the web to seek financial news and advice, we’ve seen our monthly traffic double from 100,000 page views to 200,000 page views, and are sending 1-300 referral visits from a ‘published’ (front-paged) story to linked sites (the average is not only substantially greater than most other niche sites, but is also a 300% increase from our previous referral average).

Our combined e-mail and RSS subscriber base has grown from 1,000 to 2,500, registered members have grown from 2,000 to 6,000+, total submissions have increased from 2,700 to almost 12,000, comments have increased from 1,250 to over 4,000, and total Tips have increased from 25,000 to over 70,000. With an average of 60 new user registrations a day (and increasing) and an average of over 100 new story submissions per day (excluding spam – little of which gets through thanks to our algorithm and our wonderful moderator, Tamar), we are already your premier financial news community on the web.

New Tip’d 2.0 Features

So now that you know what our community has been doing, let’s go over what we’ve been cooking for you behind the scenes.

1. The Tip’d SocialTickers – The biggest feature we’re announcing today is the launch of SocialTickers. Tip’d SocialTickers are pages that track any given stock ticker across the Social Web (examples: see the Google, Inc. SocialTicker , or the Apple, Inc. SocialTicker). They feature the latest Tip’d stories, blog posts, Delicious bookmarks, tweets, and links to other social or data resources for more information on every stock listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ. By visiting the SocialTickers main page you can see the most popular SocialTicker pages on Tip’d. Why just get a quote when you can get so much more information on your favorite tickers via SocialTickers?

2. The Tip’d Video Integration – Finance news doesn’t just come in article format; there are a lot of
great newsworthy videos being released every day. With the launch of  Tip’d 2.0 we’re giving you the ability to share your favorite business and finance related videos with the Tip’d community. Submitting a video is just as simple as submitting any other link, and watching a video is even easier – for all Youtube and videos, you can simply click on a video you want to watch and it plays in an overlay on your current page (no need to load another page). Furthermore, you can subscribe to get the latest popular video submissions directly from the Tip’d video feed.

3. The Tip’d Top 100 -  Unlike many other big social news sites, we’ve always been the first to acknowledge the
contribution of our community in making Tip’d a success. Since day one we’ve had a list of our top Tip’d community members and have even highlighted them on our blog. Today we’re taking that one step further to also acknowledge the top content producing domains that allow this participation to take place on Tip’d. Just as without community
members wouldn’t exist, without the wonderful content being created by these blogs and bloggers (who, by the way, happen to also be some of our top community members) we would have nothing to read, share, and discuss. Curious who’s the #1 publisher on Tip’d? You’ll have to click through to find out!

4. The Top Tip’d Ambassadors -  We want to give our community the credit it deserves for every single action
that the individual members take. We already acknowledge your participation on the site using our top community members list. Now we’re taking the idea one step further with our list of top Tip’d ambassadors. The list will highlight the users that have been working off the site to recruit more members for our community on a monthly basis.

5. The Tip’d Greatest Hits – Want to spend some time just browsing the most popular stories to have ever been featured on the homepage of Tip’d? Head over to our greatest hits page and find out what’s hot.

CD: Looks like Tip’d is definitely growing and adding useful features for users of all types. It really is a great place to catch up on what’s popular in finance news, and you can search by various categories. If you find a favorite user, you can even follow what they submit or “tip”!

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Clever Dude


  • After submitting 2-3 articles to tipd – both related to business, my IP was banned without even a warning! I’m a regular user of digg, stumbleupon, reddit and various other sites and this is the FIRST time this has happened. What’s worse is that there’s not even a warning system in place. I can’t even go to the site because I just get a white screen with “your ip has been banned”.

    I emailed Tamar Weinberg (tip’d moderator) and she said warning users “is not an efficient use of time for moderators”. She refused to unban my IP even after apologizing to her if one of my 2-3 posts submitted were somehow off-topic. I told her I just want to read the site and promise not to submit, she still refused.

    Yet their FAQ reads “The Tip’d staff is committed to being an open community, and avoiding the ban first, ask questions later attitude that seems to permeate so many other social media sites.”

    Very hypocritical.


  • [Note to Clever Dude – Tom spammed a lot of blogs with his comment, above, and I’m going to respond to each in kind.]

    Tom, we also have a zero tolerance policy for spam submissions. When a specific member does not read the rules and submits off-topic content, it is evident that they do not have the desire to understand the community before self-promoting (or clearly submitting spam). If your first submission was on-topic, we’d be a lot more accepting to the fact that this was a misstep, but your submissions were all off-topic.

    As for why Digg and Reddit don’t ban you, well, it’s also a much larger site and those spam submissions get lost in a sea of noise. Tip’d strives for high quality content throughout the site, including its upcoming queue. We’re much smaller and more niche, and as such, we have more eyeballs on our queue – we strive for quality throughout.

    Finally, it is known that we ban users accounts when they disregard our rules. Here’s a relevant piece from March:

    Thank you.
    Tip’d Moderator

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