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  • A former dentist of ours would offer a couple of percent off if you paid your balance on the day of treatment. They would estimate the balance and if you paid there, you got a little bit of a break. Interestingly enough, there was never a discount for the method by which you paid. I think for them, having the funds available on the spot was their ‘sweet spot’ and not so much the processing costs.

  • I’m surprised they wouldn’t offer a discount for debit cards. I know usually debit cards are much cheaper to process than credit cards. When I was in retail, they were cheaper to process than checks as well.

  • I had a tooth pulled last year, and a prep done for an implant, to the tune of about $2500 dollars. Paying by check was free; using debit or credit cards incurred a surcharge. Good thing i still carry my checkbook in my purse (though I’ve often wondered why I bother).

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