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Lent 2008: Giving up the buffets

I’m not a very committed Catholic. I don’t feel that I need to attend every holy day, pray to the saints or pray the rosary. And I don’t make Lenten resolutions, except this year.

This Lent, I resolve not to go to a buffet. No Chinese, No Indian, No Korean, No Old Country Buffet. None.

This is going to be tough. Real tough.

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  • I gave up on buffets a while ago when I started trying to eat more decent portions. I figured that for the same price I could get a lot better quality of food and only as much as I would need to adequately satisfy.

  • My son ,who attends a Catholic school, said at dinner that he is giving up “playing” for lent. We tried to convince him to give up fruit snacks instead, but he was commited.

  • Think of all the money you’ll save if you choose to eat a moderately priced meal! For instance, OCB is generally more expensive than Panera.

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